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Don't ever trust the weather!

Many times people are nervous about the weather the day of their portrait session. They watch the forecast and Florida weather is unpredictable and changes rapidly. We always tell people not to worry, we will watch it on the day of the shoot because it is almost impossible to predict. This lovely family had their session booked and called the night before because rain was in the forecast and they felt like they should reschedule. We explained that we would be happy to do that but let's just wait and see what happens first. Sure enough it rained all morning and all afternoon. When we arrived at the beach it was very gray and overcast. It appeared there was no chance for a nice sunset. We were almost to sunset time and the end of the shoot when the the father commented that we could probably wrap it up since we weren't going to have a sunset. I looked down the beach and saw a little patch of pink in the sky. I suggested we move down the beach and take a few more pictures so we could at least get a little pink sky in the background. What you see below it the beginning middle and end of the shoot. The sky went from boring to brilliant. That little patch of pink spread like fire in the sky. It was so unexpected and overwhelming. They were in complete awe at how beautiful the sky became out of nowhere. It was truly amazing. So never give up on our Florida sunsets because you never really know when you will be taken by surprise.

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